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Holland Startup builds startups and ultimately real companies together with young entrepreneurs while providing the experience, knowledge and idea’s.

We are able to provide you with everything you need, to successfully become an entrepreneur. Additionally, we are motivated to help your company succeed from the very start, as opposed to simply providing subsidies or helping when you already have a viable product. But if you are in doubt, why not pass by to talk about it?

Yes, although the general goal of Holland Startup is to provide incoming young entrepreneurs with a problem/solution/idea, you are welcome to bring your own. Together we will look at the viability of the idea using our knowledge, insights and expertise.

Holland Startup will provide you a €1000 a month research grant. Once your company generates revenue, you will pay yourself and your co-founder a salary from income generated by your company’s sales. Additionally, you will possess a large equity stake in the form of shares in your own company!

If you join Holland Startup, you will get shares in your company. The exact amount depends on the number of co-founders. Holland Startup will also possess shares while remaining shares will be sold to investors just like any other startup. This is necessary to accelerate growth of your company.

Feel free to give us a call, send a message via the contact form, or just pass by! Asides from those options, every Friday around 17:00 we have drinks at the HS Headquarter, Europalaan 400, 4th floor, Utrecht.

This is very difficult to determine, however we minimise the risk of failure by establishing our standardized process and building startups in teams. Via providing experience and theories from various backgrounds, the high failure rate is mitigated for a young entrepreneur who joins Holland Startup!

Our staff has extensive experience in evaluating viability of ideas and startups. We are able to recognize when a startup does not have the potential to become a success and when a pivot is necessary.

The most important aspect is the team!

Research has shown that a balanced team will bring forward amazing ideas and solutions. Thus, together we evaluate when the idea will not work, and we are able to provide you with new ideas to start something else, without losing your time and other resources.


Incubators are solely involved in the startup for a limited time period. Additionally, teams only join after already having assembled their own team, found a solution or an idea and a viable product.

Holland Startup is not an incubator; we actually start by validating ideas in the market to contribute to our idea library. Next, we find motivated and creative individuals and assemble matching teams. Then together with these teams, we achieve a problem/solution fit and turn it into a business.

Holland Startup runs a standardized step-by-step company building process that turns any given idea into a successful business and is in it for the long run. It is important to us to offer support from the very start until a mature company. This makes us unique, since it is not done by anyone in the Netherlands yet.

We do not have a formal application for young entrepreneurs. Holland Startup aims to facilitate the growth of an entrepreneurial ecosystem across the Netherlands and thus we value open dialog with prospective young entrepreneurs and potential cofounders. Please get into contact with us if you are interested in joining Holland Startup.

You can send us a message (via the contact form), give as a call (details found on the contact page), or just pass by at our office! We will provide you with the answers to all of your questions, together with a cup of coffee, tea or a beer.

Holland Startup is a recognised visa facilitator, but due legal restrictions we can only help with this after about the third month of our program. Therefore, we can only consider applicants who are able to work at least two or three months in the Netherlands with a permit arranged by themselves.

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