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Neurolytics builds an automated video assessment tool to increase productivity in hiring processes by on average 70%. With our reports you can identify your best candidates even before meeting them. Your candidates will experience the company culture and job while we measure their fit to your vacancy. Our assessments use the latest scientific research and techniques to improve the speed and accuracy of your selection process.

They use psychophysiological biometrics to help recruiters better pre-select candidates based on soft skills. With our AI solution, we help select candidates who fit a corporate culture. As a result, we reduce the time and costs in the screening and application process and we increase the retention rate.

Companies can invite candidates to take Neurolytics’ tests online. Candidates watch a corporate film about the culture and values, and employers can also ask candidates video questions such as in interviews, or have tasks such as reasoning or programming tests done. The results are shared with both the recruiter and the candidate and provide insight into the candidate’s involvement, intrinsic motivation and interest, stress levels, nervousness, personality, and mental flexibility.

Neurolytics video assessments use the latest computer vision technology and machine learning and are based on scientific research from applied cognitive psychology. Every person is unique and we want to connect people to a company and position where they can be themselves and be happy, so that they enjoy going to work and perform better.

Gezichtsherkenning met AI techniek


Belén Hein

Six years in various corporate roles taught me the importance of doing something you love. With my co-founder Felix, our team, and Holland Startup, I further my ambition of building a global scalable company. Neurolytics helps people be in jobs they love by bringing cutting edge video technology to the recruitment market.

Felix Hermsen

I see latest scientific knowledge leading to new technologies and applications which, in my eyes, need to be applied in practice to understand and help people and do good to the world. I came to Holland Startup because I saw in the partners the right people to support me in building something impactful and global. Furthermore I believe Holland Startup has created an environment, network and community with ambitious and inspiring people to learn from, supporting personal growth and company results.

Dr. Marnix Naber

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