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ChainSlayer is a cryptocurrency exchange market surveillance company. Cryptocurrencies have made significant inroads to changing the way the world thinks about finance and technology and have also made a valid contribution. But the lack of regulations and illegitimate practices of bad actors has resulted in trust issues within industry. Our goal is to build an intelligent tool to bridge this gap. By monitoring cryptocurrency exchanges and on chain transactions we can derive valuable information about the ecosystem and the exchange operators, we aim to set the industry standard for exchange intelligence by ensuring trust and transparency.


Ekin Tuna

Imagine if one would be able to monitor all FX transactions to exchanges (liquidity pools) and within the currencies’ economies. In the world of cryptocurrency this is possible which makes it possible to have a completely transparent view of money movement, and ultimately to create ChainSlayin’ forecasts.


Marco Persico

The future is of the web is decentralized. However, the reality says centralized exchanges will play a paramount role in onboarding people. Centralized exchanges are faking their trading data for their own profit. At ChainSlayer we provide the data analytics tools to rank exchanges according to their transparency and trustworthiness.

Swati Mathur

Decentralized blockchain protocols have already started displacing the centralized web services that dominated the current internet for the last decade, but soon we’ll start to see real internet-based sovereignty. The future of the internet is in decentralization and the future of money is cryptocurrencies.

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