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Bynd B.V is a young startup aiming to remove asymmetries of information in the recruitment industry by directly connecting recruitment agencies to companies seeking for recruitment support and providing to both sides the necessary information to make conscious and efficient decisions.

The current state of the market requires recruiter consultants from agencies to spend an average of 3 hours a day on client acquisition activities, taking away time from the actual recruitment services and reducing the quality of work that can be provided to clients.

On the other hand, (client) companies have zero or almost no market knowledge: No overview of all recruitment agencies, no data on their performance, no data on fees and talent pools available…in other words no possibility of making a conscious choice when having to select the best recruitment partners.

Bynd B.V. allows recruitment agencies to directly connect with potential client companies and remove asymmetries of information in the market, increasing market transparency and allowing companies to make rational and conscious choices in selecting recruitment partners.


Matteo Condello

In progress

Nick Khrushchev

In progress

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