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Bittiq is a Fintech startup that wants to make financial decisions simple for everyone. In this era of open banking and PSD2, we develop consumer-centric solutions that help companies to empower their users with better financial decisions. Based on our direct interaction with customers, we know like no other how to create services that end-users love.

We deliver Bittiq’s technology via a white label app, or through an integration into an existing app of banks or insurance companies. In the app, the customer gains insight into his finances, useful suggestions and options to actively respond to this. Bittiq links the current situation with financial life goals, creating engagement and relevance. This is how we offer financial well-being: today, tomorrow and in the future.


Hidde Koning

As a startup, we are very close to the consumer and we have a first view of which new propositions can be successful. With financial institutions such as customers and partners, we are able to realise these quickly and effectively. Creating real customer value is a strong motive for me.

Federico Spiezia

Darren Harris

Jeroen van Winden

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