Startup: Bittiq

Over: Bittiq

Bittiq’s mission is to enable better financial services through hyper-personalisation.

We enable financial service providers to better understand the financial situation of their customers so they can provide the right products & services at the right time driving higher conversions and operational efficiency.

After the first wave of Open Banking (which built the infrastructure to unlock transaction data, the ‘crude oil’), Bittiq now leads the second wave, in which intelligence is applied to ‘distill’ value from raw transaction data.

Bittiq’s scalable data platform interprets consumers’ banking transactions and returns actionable financial insights. Financial service providers use the platform to power various use cases, embedded into their own digital channels.


Hidde Koning

As a startup, we are very close to the consumer and we have a first view of which new propositions can be successful. With financial institutions such as customers and partners, we are able to realise these quickly and effectively. Creating real customer value is a strong motive for me.

Darren Harris

Jeroen van Winden

Akshatha Bhat

Open banking enables financial Institutions to create personalized and value – added services for end customers. Along with AI-based analytics, this is game changer for the future of Financial Services. Thus, I believe I’m in the right space and company to expand my passion and move upward professionally.

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