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In one sentence, what is it that Holland Startup does?

Holland Startup builds startups and ultimately real companies together with young entrepreneurs while providing the experience, knowledge and idea's.

Why should I join Holland Startup?

We are able to provide you with everything you need, to successfully become an entrepreneur. Additionally, we are motivated to help your company succeed from the very start, as opposed to simply providing subsidies or helping when you already have a viable product. But if you are in doubt, why not pass by to talk about it?

I have my own startup idea already; can I still join Holland Startup?

Yes, although the general goal of Holland Startup is to provide incoming young entrepreneurs with a problem/solution/idea, you are welcome to bring your own. Together we will look at the viability of the idea using our knowledge, insights and expertise.

Do I get paid to build a startup?

Holland Startup will provide you a €1000 a month research grant. Once your company generates revenue, you will pay yourself and your co-founder a salary from income generated by your company's sales. Additionally, you will possess a large equity stake in the form of shares in your own company!