Startup: Wellabee

About: Wellabee

At Wellabee, we are building a software solution to provide insights for Team Leaders to easily know and understand their people on an individual level. That way they can feel confident in leading their team and build an environment where each employee feels happy and excited to come to!

That's our mission.


Samar Morshedic

Samar has 8+ years of demonstrated working experience in different roles. Experienced in negotiations, B2B sales, research and development, and key account management. Interculturally sensitive, diligent, detail-oriented, and devoted team worker with strong communication skills. Being in charge of complex procedures and negotiations, an experienced problem-solver and strategic thinker.

Admir Leka

An entrepreneur with a strong drive for self-improvement and helping others live healthier, more energetic and richer lives. Since we spend a big part of out time at work, with Wellabee our mission is to improve the experience of employees. As this is no small matter, we are extensively researching different angles to build a product that really helps. Let me know if you are an HR professional or team leader and are interested in helping us on our research with a conversation about employee experience.

Shardul Dixit

I aspire to facilitate and promote the importance of evidence-based Human Resource Management at micro and macro levels in an organization. By doing so, I wish to minimize the researcher-practitioner gap by actively incorporating psychological principles in on-ground organizational practices

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