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Still today, people are not as well-connected as they can be with respect to their simple needs. We connect through LinkedIn for full-time employment, or through platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork for freelance professional jobs.

Very often though, one needs just one person, at a specific place and time, to carry out something simple for them. Think of help with feeding your pet when you are away, picking up a package, taking your child from school, or cooking a meal.

At NearOnes we are building a platform for this purpose, with the ultimate goal to allow users to outsource everyday tasks to people nearby.


Yvonne Greeuw

I have the feeling that I want to change something in this society with my work. To work on something that could impact our current perspective of living together in bigger cities is fulfilling to the max.

Toni Lufi

Having grit, being fast, and genuinely caring about people are qualities I find of great importance. At Holland Startup these are highly embraced, providing for a collaborative, energetic, high- impact environment. As it is also very open, it is worth for anyone reading this to come over and get a glimpse of it.

Al Amin

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