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About: Ikify

Our mission is to increase happiness and mental well-being of women all over the world by creating innovative digital tools based on positive psychology and mindfulness practices.

For many women, the first phase of motherhood is the most challenging phase.

The woman’s brain changes when she becomes a mother. She will experience increased brain activity in the empathy, anxiety and social interaction areas.

Feelings of overwhelming love, fierce protection and constant worry arrive and will never fade away again.

Women with kids up to 10 years reported to us that their mental health and emotional resilience are constantly under heavy pressure.

1 in 3 women experiences complaints that are comparable to burnout symptoms.

Ikify helps these women with young children to improve and maintain their emotional and mental wellbeing.

By offering a daily dose of happiness, moms experience direct stress relief, increase their positive emotions and become more mindful.


Tjibbe van der Ende

Tiemen Roest

Dominique Haas

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