Let’s build a business together

Every entrepreneur has to start somewhere. We also started somewhere. We are happy to give the opportunity we had to build a successful business back to young entrepreneurs. We finance startups and entrepreneurs from our own fund for early-stage startups, but we also offer knowledge, experience and network. From our close involvement, we guide and coach every startup during the entire construction process.

- From idea to implementation. Together we turn ideas into successful startups!

How do we do it?

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From scratch

No team and no startup idea yet? Our only requirement is your ambition. Our ideation process helps you to develop
your idea

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Guided entrepreneurship

Together we realize the product and your first revenue. Daily guidance and a structured process with coaching, mentorship and workshops.

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Funding from day 1 - not just for your startup, but also for you as a young entrepreneur. We lower the bar to become an entrepreneur.

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Surrounded by other startups.
We ensure a maximum community feeling.

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Results matter! With Holland Startup you reach a proof of concept in 3 months and you are guaranteed too make your first revenue in 12 months.

Our team

  • Robbert Jan Hanse

    Founder & CEO
  • René Roskamp

  • Robin Toorneman

    Startup Scout & Recruitment
  • Els de Jong

    Startup & Growth Mentor