Want to build a Software Start-up?

We recruit aspiring entrepreneurs and help them to:

  • Build a team
  • Identify a business idea
  • Find capital
  • Scale their Venture

We focus on B2B SaaS products and have built over 10 ventures.  We aspire to build a further 10 ventures.

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For Aspiring Entrepreneurs who are looking for a cofounder funding guidance and support a network to start their Software Venture.

Start your software company with us!

Are you considering starting your software company? Awesome! Building your own company is thrilling and rewarding.

But you might wonder:

  • How do I know if my idea will work?
  • How will I find a co-founder?
  • Where can I get angel or seed funding?

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    What we do

    Holland Startup is a venture builder who recruits ambitious, aspiring entrepreneurs to become an Entrepreneur-in- Residence and build cutting edge SaaS ventures.

    Essentially, we are a studio that builds startups.

    We leverage our knowledge, skills, capital and network, and inject expertise, shared services and money to help your venture succeed.

    We create a strong competitive advantage for our ventures, and they have a significantly lower failure rate and shorter time-to-market.

    Our venture developers, coaches and greater ecosystem support you from the very start, until the company is growing and raising seed capital and beyond.

    All our ventures are built with a proven step-by-step process:

    Team and Idea

    Structured program
    3 months
    • Meet co-founders to find your perfect match
    • Team match support
    • Structured method to generate business ideas
    • Investor feedback on team and idea
    • Shared office space
    • Team coaching


    Funded startup
    7 months
    • Funding for up to 7 months of runway
    • Venture Builder support to design your business
    • Business Model centered
    • Sales training and coaching
    • Team coaching
    • Shared office space
    • Finance & Sales administration
    • MVP development support


    First revenue
    10 months
    • Funding for up to 10 months of runway
    • Sales training and coaching
    • Business Model centered
    • Finance & Sales administration
    • Team coaching
    • Pitch training
    • Shared office space


    Recurring revenue
    10 months
    • Funding for up to 10 months of runway
    • SaaS sales support and management
    • Pitch training
    • Fundraising support
    • Finance & Sales administration
    • Team and personal coaching
    • Shared office space
    • Access to fundraising network

    How you can join:

    1. Information Webinar Meet Holland Startup

    Before you actually start at Holland Startup, it is of course useful to learn more about our program. Information evenings are the ideal opportunity for this. Are you there too?

    Check out the dates and register!

    2. Visit our webinar on deal structure

    In this webinar we’ll explain the Dutch investment and  venture builder landscape.  We’ll tell you all about our guided program, the investment terms and conditions. 

    Check out the dates and register!

    3. Interview and test

    After you apply, you’ll be invited for an interview and some tests. In the interview, we discuss your experience; your drive and your motivation for a startup. We also discuss issues that you would like to address with your startup and team composition. 

    Within 10 working days after the interview, you know whether you have been admitted to the “Selection Days”

    4. Selection Days

    The final step in our selection process is a two-day assessment, during which you become acquainted with entrepreneurship, carry out assignments and collaborate intensively with fellow candidates. The Selection Program offers you the ideal opportunity to get to know the Holland Startup program and meet potential co-founders.

    Within 5 working days after the Selection Days, you know whether you have been admitted to Holland Startup.

    5. Join Holland Startup

    Once you have been admitted to Holland Startup!

    We will sign all the required paperwork and you will start full time building your startup as entrepreneur in residence at Holland Startup.

    What our entrepreneurs say

    Start your software company with us!

    Struggling to start your software business?

    For aspiring entrepreneurs who want to build and scale a software Startup who:

    Our Startup Studio helps aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start a software company

    Our Studio provides:

    Start your software company with Holland Startup

    Your benefits:

    Our team of Venture Developers

    Robbert Jan Hanse

    Father-of-Two | Serial Entrepreneur | Dealmaker

    As serial entrepreneur, Robbert Jan enjoys developing disruptive data companies for stodgy old industries. Robbert Jan has in-depth personal experience in online marketing,

    René Roskamp

    René is een COO met een sterke technische achtergrond.  Met meer dan 20 jaar ervaring als Software Developer,  maar ook als IT manager en CTO van startups. Hij startte zijn eerste onderneming in 1987.

    Jeroen van der Lugt

    Met mijn meer dan 30 jaar saleservaring en coach ervaring (als ICR geregistreerde coach), help ik onze startups bij alle stappen die hun commerciële succes bepalen. Van het sluiten van hun eerste pilot contracten tot en met het professioneel opzetten van een salesorganisatie.

    Kyra van Hoof

    Kyra van Hoof, aangenaam! Ervaren en daadkrachtige projectcoördinator, community bouwer, strategisch sparringpartner en proces manager voor team forming. In mijn werk wil ik graag bijdragen aan succesvolle realisatie van initiatieven en projecten.

    Marc Boers

    As your Early Stage Coach, I help create settings that boost your creativity. As an experienced entrepreneur, I help you structure and fine-tune your ideas, and challenge your assumptions as a venture developer.

    Steef Klop

    Steef Klop

    Experienced Chairman Of The Supervisory Board with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Skilled in Innovation Management, Accounting, Strategy Creation, Strategy, and Change Management.


    Application Questions

    You need to meet these criteria to join Holland Startup

    • At least a Bachelor’s degree (HBO/WO) in a relevant field;
      Fluent in English, written and spoken;
    • 0-8 years of relevant work experience;
    • You live in the Netherlands, preferably a commutable distance to Utrecht, or are in the position to move on short notice;
    • You are legally permitted to work in The Netherlands for at least 6-12 months from your start date.

    The best start is to meet us at our Meet-Holland-Startup webinar. It's completely free and without any obligations. 

    If you want to know more of the deal structure, or of the program, then join us at "What the deal" 

    If you have more questions, you send us an email, or use the contact form.

    Financial Questions

    We use fixed term sheets for all our startups. Our share will range from 25% to 45% depending on the number of rounds that we finance.

    The initial investments, before the company is founded, is structured as a Research Grant. This is a grant that you do not have to pay back. Income tax will apply.

    You, as co-founder, are the directors of the startup and have full ownership. However, there is a list of reserved matters, for which you'll need approval. This is required to protect our investments.

    Process Questions

    Our investments are restricted to software companies only, in particular with a SAAS business model.

    We have a preference for B2B, but we support B2C initiatives as well.  

    In essence you need to meet the milestones set in the stage gates. If this doesn't work out, you can apply again, but this will depend on the situation.

    Our network and all legal templates are Dutch based. We use The Netherlands as a testing market. Beginning operations in another country is therefor not likely.

    Our investment thesis is not restricted to an industry, but we are restricted to software only.
    Our portfolio consist primarily of FinTech, EduTech and HRTech startups, but we also recognize "smarter business" as an interesting sector.

    The founder group at the beginning of the program will range from 10 to 20 Entrepreneurs in Residence.

    We invest in aspiring entrepreneurs, rather than in startups. For traditional funding you would need a product and a market first, for which you need the funding.
    We break this vicious cycle by investing in you.

    No, you can't. The program is designed to invest in people, not in existing startups.

    If you already have a team, but not yet a product, you can apply individually.

    The startup will own the IP from the Discovery phase onwards. 

    Visa Questions

    Yes, you must be legally permitted to work in The Netherlands for at least 9-12 months from your start date.

    Depending on the progress we can assist in a Startup-Visa, after 4-6 months in the program.

    No, you are required to join fulltime in the program from the start.

    No, you can build the startup anywhere in The Netherlands, but some aspects in our program are face-2-face and require your presence in Utrecht.
    You are free to use our shared office space, during the program.

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