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On this page you will find all information about investing in the Holland Startup Fund. You can also register here for our webinar to get to know us better & download our information brochure

The Holland Startup Fund

The Holland Startup Fund invests in innovative software startups that are supervised by our own Startup Studio. In the lifecycle of these startups, the fund invests several times on the basis of predefined milestones such as validated market fit, successful pilot & first revenue streams. 

Thanks to this unique method, the Holland Startups funds have a consistent deal flow of innovative Dutch software startups that grow faster & more efficiently with our proven method and have significantly less chance of failure than stand-alone startups

Each investment of the fund in the startups finances the runway up to the next milestone, up to the point where the startup is ready for Series A funding. During Series A funding, the fund makes an exit and the fund partners benefit from the proceeds of the sale.

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Why invest in Holland Startup?

Focus on early phase

Holland Startup focuses on early stage investments. By investing from the start of the company when the valuation is still low, a high return can be achieved. The risk is managed through intensive guidance and staged investment decisions.

Spreading of risk

The fund invests in a portfolio of early stage startups. This ensures a lower risk compared to investing directly in a startup. The intensive guidance and the step-by-step investment ensure an optimal return.

Studio guidance

All portfolio companies are guided by the Studio and our Community. This ensures fast and better development of the startup. Entrepreneurial coaching helps in personal development.

Data-driven unbiased decisions

Investment decisions, or the decision not to invest further, are made on the basis of data that is structurally collected and checked in a unique data model. We measure data about the team, knowledge development and the underpinning of the business model.

Priority based on market risk

The guidance by the Studio ensures that startups first reduce the market risk, before expensive software development is carried out. Investment in the product is only made when this has been sufficiently demonstrated by means of market experiments.

Innovation & SDG goals

Entrepreneurs and startups are selected for innovation: realizing new applications of techniques to solve business problems or achieve SDG goals.

The partners of the Holland Startup Fund

What does investing in the Holland Startup Fund II mean?

The mission of the fund

Investing in young growth companies, the so-called startups, gives aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to start a software company and thereby create the successes of tomorrow: That is our goal. 

Holland Startup is very different from other investments such as real estate investments.

Successful Startups are characterized by a slow start, a middle stage of fast growth, and a long stage of further development and internationalization. 

Once a startup has broken through and the turnover has become repetitive and predictable, the exit yield is the highest. 

By standing at the base of new growth companies, to mitigate the start-up risk as much as possible, and Smart use of working capital can achieve a very high return.

The process from introduction to investment


    In this we give you all the information you need about our fund, our startups & our method and we answer any questions you have.


    Meet our team, our startups and our management team and get a feel for the "vibe" of Holland startup. In this meeting we get to know each other even better and we go deeper into the fund and how the Holland Startup Studio makes our startups so successful.


    If you are a good fit, we will invite you to our data room, where you can find the precise contracts, deal terms and other sensitive information needed to come to a deal together.

  • In-depth Q&A Session

    When all data from the data room has been viewed, a meeting will follow at our office to discuss the deal terms and agree on all the fine details. At the end of this conversation you will know everything about what to expect.


    When you have no more questions, we invite you to fill in and sign a subscription form and we will raise a glass of champagne together!

  • Join the Holland Startup Family

    Be invited to all our drinks, pitches, investor meetings and other events related to our startups.

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In this extensive webinar, Holland Startup founder Robbert Jan Hanse takes you into the world of investing in startups. While many entrepreneurs and investors find this topic interesting, there are still many assumptions and misinformation, which means that the image that people have of angel investing is a lot different from reality.

In 60 minutes, Robbert Jan takes you through what it means to be an angel investor, outlines the advantages and disadvantages of this model, explains how traditional angel investing may not be the best choice for many entrepreneurs and outlines a unique alternative model for investing in startups that better suits the needs of the “modern” investor

This session is interactive and leaves room for questions, discussion and even short case studies if they are relevant to the group.

In addition, you will learn everything you would like to know about Holland Startup and how our Fund works, and we will answer all your questions about investing in the Holland Startup Fund and what the next steps are if you find this interesting.


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