Investing in startups

We build and finance successful startups. The Startup Studio selects the top 10 out of 200 young entrepreneurs on a yearly basis. Together, we will test 10 concepts to build 5 startups. We help startups through an iterative process to define clear, quantifiable problem with proven customer desire. We realize a proof of concept in less than 300 days. On an annual basis we develop 5 startups and transfer them to the startup funds

Diversified portfolio with 15 Startups

Diversification by investing in 15 startups from different sectors, each with their own businessmodel and market. The startup studio generates an exclusive and high-quality dealflow for the fund. As an investor, you do not have to worry about dealflow portfolio management.

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Why Holland Startup?

Proven quality

The Startup Studio is a 'filter' to ensure quality and to prevent failed investments in the fund. Only Startups that meet the quality expectations will be transferred to the fund.

100% data-driven

All proof of concepts are tested with the final customers. The Startups are managed by at least 2 young entrepreneurs that are cooperating with each other for a long time. Data-driven decision making is the norm.

Revolving character

The fund accompanies and manages the Startups to the scale-up fase. The fund builds and invests throughout the lifecycle of the startup. The Startup Studio reinvests its revenue to create new startups for the fund.


Collaboration with other (professional) investors enables scale advantages and shared learning. You will be invited for mentoring sessions and strategic discussions regularly. After every event, there is the oppertunity to network.


As a venture builder we focus on entrepreneurship and operational execution. As the first investor in a startup, we invest at a zero level valuation. This creates a good starting point for a solid financial return.


As an investor, you will have the unique oppertunity to add your entrepreneurial experience and inside information to our startups. We highly encourage interaction between our investors and our startups.

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