Tips to get through your working from home day

Working from home, easy for some, hell for others. Now that a large part of the Netherlands has to work from home because of the corona virus, unfortunately we can no longer avoid it. 

While one person can lock himself up in a room all day long, to go to work in full concentration, the other runs into quite a few problems. 

For example, think of the (sometimes difficult) communication with your colleagues, perhaps your children who now also sit at home all day, or about enthusiastic pets that are only too happy to demand attention from you. 

Still, there are ways to make it more bearable. We have listed a number of tips for you here, including a number of tips from the startups and co-founders from our startup portfolio. 

Tip 1:

Try to keep your work and private life separate as much as possible. This is really crucial. If you don't do this, you will only be left with unfinished work tasks in your head. This results in less energy, you will eventually become less motivated, which is reflected in less productivity. 

So create your own workplace at home whenever possible. A permanent workplace where you spend your working hours. Put on your normal work clothes, just like you do when you go to the office, and stick to your normal working hours. 

Tip 2:

This is in line with keeping work and private life separate: If you stick to your normal working hours, it is also very good to really close the day. 

This can mean something different for everyone. For me this means that at the end of the day I close my laptop and put it away and then go cook with my boyfriend. This gives me relaxation and the feeling that my working day is really over. 

For some, it also really helps to store the laptop, out of sight, so that you can no longer secretly answer an email quickly. In any case, make sure that when you are done with work, you really end the day and start something else that relaxes you.

Tip 3:

Whenever possible: keep moving! Exercise is important for your mind. You then make endorphins, serotonin and dopamine. These are neurotransmitters that are proven to work against anxiety and depression. There are now many gyms that offer sports classes via live streams, so you could possibly take advantage of that.

Don't feel like walking in and sweating? Go outside, take a walk, enjoy the sun and nature. A small sidenote: Do not look for crowded places and of course keep 1,5 meters away from others. 

Tip 4:

Keep eating healthy. Now that you're at home, you need less food than usual. So less sugars, but more vitamins C, D, B6, B12 and zinc. So eat enough fruit and meat, fish, nuts and dairy products. You will see that you get more energy from this and that you feel a lot fitter!

Tip 5:

Take plenty of breaks. Taking a break increases productivity. There's a misconception that people think that skipping breaks adds more ticks to your to-do list. This is not quite right. The body needs regular rest during the working day.

Tips from our startup portfolio:

Tip from Hidde, co-founder of Bittiq: 

What really helps me most is going outside. You can also do the calls that are without video during a walk. That really works wonders. 

Tip from Felix, co-founder of Neurolytics: 

Keep work and private life separate and maintain the standard work rhythm. Put on your normal clothes, as if you were going to work, and try to keep separate places where you work. Also store your laptop in the evening, out of sight. That way you really have some time for private life and relaxation and you keep a line between work and private life. 

Also take enough breaks and of course a lunch break. Otherwise you just sit there and work continuously, where you still lose concentration. Then you get those lazy, dingy days, which are at the expense of your energy, quality and productivity. 

Tip from Matteo, co-founder of Bynd: 

Try to keep distractions like your phone or social media to a minimum. Also set short deadlines to achieve your goals or tasks. This way you know what to do and you can also be satisfied when you have completed something within a certain deadline.

Tip from Bram, co-founder of LocalPepper:

Create your own workplace at home. In addition, I have good digital communication with my co-founder and I try to stay active a lot. What also helps me is our jungle cat, who sometimes comes around the corner 🙂 

Tip from Suzanne, Entrepreneur in Residence: 

Dress as if you were still going to the office. Your brain largely works on associations. If you spend all day in your sweatpants or pajamas, you are unconsciously sending out the message that you don't have to be productive today.

Tip from Yvonne, co-founder of NearOnes:

We recently held a meeting on the bike! A very fun, original way to combine being outdoors and work. 

NearOnes during a bike meeting

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