Internship during Covid-19, meet Xantijn

Xantijn van Wijk is the new intern at Holland Startup. He studies International Business & Entrepreneurship at the EuroCollege in Utrecht and keeps currently working on his six-week work orientation at Holland Startup. The aim of his internship is to get a realistic picture of how things work in practice within an organization. But is that possible if everyone works from home? In this interview he tells how he managed to get an internship and which influence Covid-19 has on his internship.

How did you end up at Holland Startup and what was your first impression?
I Holland Startup through my network, from there I had an introductory meeting and started as an intern. My first impression is very positive. There is a very pleasant but also active atmosphere in the 'digital' workplace. The team consists of friendly, sociable but also extremely hard-working people who want the best for all startups. And that in a pleasant informal environment. In the first week I was able to learn a lot of new things.

What surprised you?
That ODespite the need to communicate online, tried anyway is becoming to keep in touch informally. The community within Holland Startup is also very pleasant. Much use is made of Slack, for example, there is a digital 'coffee call' and the virtual 'Very Merry Xmas Fest' is planned soon.

How will Covid-19 affect your internship?
Due to the pandemic walk I my internship virtual from home† dat is initially for a bit I had to get used to it, because during my first semester I did have physical lessons at school.
I was here at Holland Startup of course prefer physical attended. But it's already a lot to do in this time at all to find a place.

Why did you choose to study in Utrecht and what do you like about the city?
Ik it was ready for a new and refreshing environment. The best thing about Utrecht is anyway the geniality. The city is big enough to be as lively as other cities in the Randstad, but not too big, so it doesn't become impersonal.

Which components of your studies appeal to you the most and the least?
Oentrepreneurship, imagineering and trends speak with the most, bycreationwhat they demand of you. That you 'out of the box' learns think. ffinancial management speaks to me the least, because I don't have much affinity with numbers and calculations. However I know that it is an essential profession and that it will certainly come in handy in the future.

What do you hope to learn at Holland Startup?
There is a lot here gain useful knowledge to fetch. And I want would like to learn more about entrepreneurship in practice. Holland Startup it seems to me the ideal place to learn a lot about this in a short time. And I think I can here contribute by independentexecuting commands and my perspective as a student to share where necessary.

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