Is your startup ready for an Angel Investor?

These angel investors are also called business angels. You can read in our article waar de term business angel vandaan komt

Are you running a startup and are you looking for new growth opportunities? Then you might be looking for an angel investor! 

Angel Investors support startups in their initial phase, this requires guts and there is a risk involved!
They support unproven but promising companies with their own money. Keep this in mind at least when approaching a potential new partner. Incidentally, angel investors not only invest capital, but also offer mentorship and advice.

Angel Investors therefore take a risk because they invest with their own money. This ensures a personal relationship between investor and founder. 

Countless founders wonder if their startup is ready for an angel investor. In any case, keep in mind the following 5 things when attracting an angel investor! 

1. Pioneering innovation

Disruptive even! If your idea is too similar to existing products or services, your startup might not be ready to attract an angel investor. Think carefully, is the idea for your startup innovative enough?

2. Pioneering innovation

When a founder, like the investor, runs a personal risk and their success is directly linked to the success of their business, both are more likely to persevere, innovate and collaborate. By investing your own resources in your startup, you show investors that you believe in both your product and your own capacities. Both essential to win the trust of an angel investor.

3. A scalable company

Your startup may be promising, but if it is not scalable, it will never attract angel investors. To create a start-up that does well with a potential investor, you must ensure that your company is scalable. 

4. A realistic business plan

Do you not have a business plan based on hard figures that can prove the value of your startup? Even then you can forget it. A business plan helps in setting priorities. It gives direction to your company, you define objectives, chart strategies and it helps you to foresee potential pitfalls. A business plan does not have to be long, as long as the necessary information is available. 

How do you write a business plan? You can read that in our article!

5. A strong team of founders

Although an innovative idea and a strong business model are essential for the success of a starting company, they will not attract investors in themselves. Angel investors invest their own money so that they have different sources of income. One of the reasons why they are called angels is the fact that they are willing to put money into starting businesses that may find it difficult to find financing. 

Angel investors are often primarily interested in the founder. Who is behind the company? 

As a founder, it is your most important task to convince the angel investor that you are the person who will take this startup to the next level. 

Don't be scared! Are you looking for an angel investor for your startup?
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