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“Enabling young entrepreneurs to shape our society”. That's the mission of the Utrechtste venture builder Holland Startup, where first-time entrepreneurs get the oppurtunity to realize their entrepreneurship ambitions. Holland Startup uses active partnerships with coaching, networking and finance from their own investment fund for early stage-startups to support young entrepreneurs with developing ideas into successful ventures. As a venture builder Holland Startup has a narrow involvement with every startup during the building process, from idea until implementation. Since the start of the organization in 2014 Holland Startup managed to invest more than 1 million euros into 8 startups.

Holland Startup

But as a starting entrepreneur you are your own company. In the beginning your company will influence every aspect of your life. And that can be good or bad.
that my own success as an entrepreneur was set in motion because there was someone who believed in me, who invested in my first company and who saved me from a number of stumbling blocks. I saw how much you can actually contribute in the role of angel investor. Exactly that experience I wanted to give back to the startup ecosystem, and that led to the idea
to set up Holland Startup. " Holland Startup focuses on building disruptive startups based on the internet, big data, artificial intelligence and mobile technology, and with a focus on global scalability on the B2B market. To do this quickly and effectively, the
Utrecht-based venture builder developed its own building process.

Construction process

"In fact, Holland Startup is a factory where we put individual entrepreneurs in and get startups out," explains René Roskamp (CTO Holland Startup). "In our construction process we try to focus on the most important steps that need to be taken, we teach co-founders how they can acquire the required knowledge and we train the skills they need for this at the right time". The purpose of the construction process is to make speed in a structured way. Possible failure factors are detected at the earliest possible stage and can then be repaired more easily.

Holland Startup monitors whether the correct results are being achieved during the process. A lot of emphasis is placed on developing a "minimal viable product" in close collaboration with potential customers. Holland Startup also pays a lot of attention to the development of the team. “Especially when a team comes under pressure, it's important to
bijvoorbeeld coaching in te zetten. Op die manier kan een team constructief blijven samenwerken, ook wanneer het echt spannend wordt”.

A process of continuous evaluation and improvement has since resulted in version 3.2 of the construction process. “We learn from every startup ourselves, and we translate the insights we have gained directly into an improved version of the building process. Ultimately, this process will be crystallized in such a way that it is actually a kind of toolbox with
gestandaardiseerde instrumenten die je kunt gebruiken om een startup te helpen bouwen”, aldus Roskamp.


Hidde Koning is one of the founders of Bittiq, a fintech startup that is being developed in collaboration with Holland Startup. In anticipation of PSD2, Bittiq has launched a personal finance app, the first in the Netherlands where you can link accounts from all major banks. "By linking the Bittiq app to your bank account (s), you get insight into your expenses in no time and you can also take immediate action, for example by switching from an energy supplier or canceling a subscription," says Koning. In 2019, Bittiq will roll out the app within the customer base of a launching customer, one of the largest insurers in the Netherlands.

Koning says about his experience with Holland Startup: “Having a structure contributes a lot. As a young entrepreneur, you usually do not lack grand plans, but often you do not know how you can work out those plans in a smart, effective way. Holland Startup offers knowledge and experience, so that pitfalls are avoided or solved as quickly as possible. At the same time, you retain complete freedom in your entrepreneurship. Another thing that should definitely be mentioned is that we are in fact a kind of community of all startups, going through the same peaks and troughs. That gives you the feeling that you are not completely on your own, but that you can learn from each other, inspire each other - and of course enjoy a drink on Friday afternoons! ”

For more information about Holland Startup and the investment fund: www.hollandstartup.com

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