How do you start your own business?

Starting a business entails a lot. Planning a brainstorming session? Cool! Coming up with an inspiring company name? Also super! Make a tax return? Not so nice anyway.

To build a successful business, you must prepare a business plan, keep track of finances, spend hours on legal paperwork, choose the right partners and employees, plan carefully, set the right priorities and monitor every change, both internally and externally. keep following ... and much more.

From registering with the Chamber of Commerce to hiring your first employee.
Holland Startup helps you to start your own business with this step-by-step plan.

1. What makes you unique?

Before you start drawing up a business plan, ask yourself what makes your product / service unique. Set up a number of USPs (Unique Selling Points). Factors that distinguish your product / service from the competitors. USPs may have to do with price, quality, location, service and more. What do you offer that the competitors do not offer? What makes the difference between your brand and that of others?

2. Write a business plan

Business plans are nowadays shorter and more concise than before. Keep in mind that your business plan is not "finished" after you have written it. You keep adjusting. Namely, goals change, and strategies change with it. For example, are you about to request a new financing round? Then it is customary to adjust your original business plan.

At Holland Startup we choose to replace the business plan with the Lean Canvas method.

3. The legal aspect

Once the business plan is up, you can (must) continue with the least attractive part - the paperwork and legal activities. Think of determining the company form, recording the company name, registering with the Chamber of Commerce and applying for permits.

4. Marketing and Sales

The nice aspect! How do you recruit new customers and how do you keep existing customers satisfied? Don't make it a complicated story in the beginning. Formulate a number of goals and base your marketing and sales plan on them.

Are you going to build an online presence? Or do you mainly work with account managers? Do you combine both? As long as your product or service attracts the interest of your target group, you are doing something right. Whether that goes through Social Media, Google ads, word to mouth or account managers.

What to do in any case

Is laying the foundation for a strong brand identity. Your brand identity shows your values ​​and what emotions you want your customers to feel when they come into contact with your company. A consistent brand identity to promote your company not only makes you look more professional, it also helps you attract new customers.

Whatever you may not forget

Is building an online identity. Now that your target group and your brand identity are known, you can start building the most important marketing elements of your company:

  • A website
  • Social media accounts
  • An email marketing tool
  • Analysis tools
  • Advertising accounts

It is important to attract new customers, but maintaining your current customers is just as important. You have to keep them satisfied, you have to offer them excellent customer service and ultimately you have to get them to become a fan of your company!

At Holland Startup, first-time entrepreneurs fulfill their entrepreneurial ambitions. We guide, coach and finance young entrepreneurs to turn ideas into successful startups. We enable young entrepreneurs to shape our society! Doe je mee?

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