HR is changing: these 7 startups play an important role

With the increasing war for talent, finding and keeping the right people is more important than ever. Smart HR policy is therefore increasingly becoming a competitive advantage. These 7 HR tech startups are changing the workforce.


This Dutch startup helps fast-growing SMEs to streamline their HR administration. They keep an overview and can automate repetitive HR tasks such as leave registration and contract reminders. In this way it responds to a clear need, according to research by Statistics Netherlands: more than a third of small companies are hardly automated. Last year Hooray was 'launched quietly in beta', after a short time more than three hundred organizations were already using it. “There is a big gap in the market between clunky Excel spreadsheets and complex enterprise solutions. As a result, entrepreneurs of fast-growing companies cannot get the most out of their team and time.” according to co-founder Theo Schroen.


This German startup targets small and medium-sized businesses (10-2000 employees) with an all-in-one HR platform for recruitment and onboarding, payroll, absence tracking and other key HR functions. In the words of the company itself, an 'HR operating system'. Funding and valuation have been booming in recent years. Recently, 125 million dollars was raised, at a valuation of 1.7 dollars. “What has boosted our business over the past year has been the realization that HR is not only an important part, but arguably the most important part of any business,” explains CEO and co-founder Hanno Renner.


Neurolytics provides objective insights into human cognition and preferences using video biometrics. Focused on screening employees and candidates. “In our scientifically designed video scan, we analyze motivation, stress resistance and match with the organizational culture, among other things. And we give candidates personal feedback for self-development”, states co-founder Felix Hermsen† Last year, the Dutch growth company started collaborations with, among others, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and the Ministry of Defence. Neurolytics was recently named MT/Sprout Startup of the Year 2021.


The English Intrro digitizes and automates the classic and often effective practice of recommending new people by existing staff. Using machine learning, the software scans employees' social and professional networks to identify potential candidates for open positions. The employee can then first make contact, a human and trusted “intro”, after which a recruiter takes over. Ideally, hiring managers will end up with a pool of diverse, verified talent.


UQ.works develops a personal development and career coach for every team member. A private zone to discover your talents, digital skills, motivation drivers and role path in the organization and to participate in coaching trajectories aimed at mobility. For example, through the Belgian startup it is possible to visualize the human potential of an organization, build and develop agile teams and improve the human connection based on personal qualities and strengths.


CircleLytics develops technology to make collaboration between people intelligent, creative and relevant, focused on reflective dialogues. A mix of psychology, design, complex algorithms and the wisdom of the crowd. The Dutch Saas company collects unstructured feedback for this and converts it into actionable insights. This, it says, solves the serious problems of traditional surveys and online discussion platforms. Large companies such as ING Bank, PostNL and Vesteda are already customers and can use it for, among other things, strategy development, product expansion, increasing employee happiness and monitoring performance.


Recruitee is an integrated, cloud-based hiring management and applicant tracking system designed to help internal HR teams organize and scale their hiring process. After solid growth of its own, the Dutch company has merged with the Finnish HR tech player Sympa, creating a joint customer group of four thousand and a team of more than 250 employees. Perry Oostdam, CEO and co-founder of Recruitee: “Our vision is that in the future this group will contain more HR companies, complementary HR tech services. We will independently carry out mergers and acquisitions to expand this group.”

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