7 reasons why the Netherlands is a fantastic country for starting entrepreneurs

Abroad we are known for our bikes, equal rights, trance music, cheese, windmills, pancakes, rain, Heineken, weed and much more. The Netherlands is not only a fantastic country to grow up in, it is also an attraction for foreigners. 

Few know that the Netherlands is also a popular place for starting entrepreneurs. The Netherlands offers numerous accelerators and incubators - a perfect environment for small and large international companies. 

Why is the Netherlands so attractive for companies and start-ups?

The Netherlands is generally high on global indices - from the fastest internet speeds to quality of life and security. But that is not everything! There are a number of factors that specifically attract international tech startups and companies. The Netherlands has earned first place in the European Union for our starting business climate. 

Why is the Netherlands so attractive for companies and start-ups? We list 7 reasons for you!

1. A very diverse population

The Netherlands is an open, progressive society where creativity and innovation are supported. This leads to a diverse population. One in five people in Dutch society has a parent who was born abroad. 

2. Optimal location

Located between Germany, Belgium and the North Sea, the Netherlands is ideal for reaching every part of Europe and the world. In addition, the port of Rotterdam is the largest port in the world.

3. The Netherlands has an internet penetration rate of more than 95%. 

The Netherlands scores high on all digital factors, but this is one to highlight! 

4. 90% in English

Not as high as our internet penetration rate, but certainly also worth mentioning: 90% of Dutch people speak English and many Dutch people are multilingual.

5. Infrastructure

The Netherlands is known for its excellent transport and telecommunications network, which makes doing business much faster and easier. We can be pleased with one of the highest broadband speeds in Europe, not to mention the quality of Bluetooth and WiFi.

6. Strong economy

The Netherlands is one of the top 5 most competitive economies in the world.

7. Stabiele politieke situatie

Nederland heeft een functionele, democratische samenleving, waarbij een veilig klimaat vooropstaat. Onze focus op sociale dienstverlening komt de veiligheid ten goede. 

All in all, the Netherlands is a great place to start your own business. There are plenty of market opportunities, people are open to new developments and also want to pay for them.
On the other hand ... in the Netherlands there are a large number of administrative matters that you have to take into account when it starting your own business. For example, in the Netherlands, companies are required to maintain business records. Every entrepreneur is legally obliged to keep this administration for 7 years. 

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