7 Dutch startups to keep an eye on

The Netherlands is known for its progressive society. There is a long tradition of innovation and entrepreneurship in the Netherlands. International talent, top education institutions and a fine balance between work and private life have made Amsterdam the fourth largest Startup Hub in Europe. Dutch start-ups raised more than 500 million euros in 2018, which demonstrates the enormous potential of the city.

To introduce you to a number of promising companies, we have listed seven Dutch startups to keep an eye on!

1. Harver

Founder Barend Raaff realized that there was a demand for an AI-driven preselection platform to replace CVs with online assessment, personality and intelligence tests. Harver's algorithms use data to calculate the suitability of a candidate. The company has customers for Zappos, Netflix, Booking.com, Vodafone, OpenTable and Casper.

2. Digital Insurance Group

DIG is a next-generation technology partner for insurers, banks and brokers. By working together with DIG, partners make use of the extensive experience and extensive technology stack. Digital Insurance Group was founded in 2017 as a combination of the world's first digital insurance broker Knip and the leading Dutch startup Kompar.

3. Felyx

Felyx aims to disrupt urban mobility. Residents of Amsterdam and Rotterdam can easily find, reserve and activate e-scooters via the Felyx app.

4. Wonderkind

As one of the fastest growing HR tech companies in the Netherlands, Wonderkind couples passive talent with employers, allowing companies and employment agencies to achieve quality talent that would otherwise be missed. They do this through artificial intelligence and hyper-targeting combined with apps, websites, social media and e-mail.

5. Amber Mobility 

This Eindhoven electric car and bike sharing startup is already convincing countless Dutch people that sharing is the new owning. Amber Mobility offers a business car sharing service in Eindhoven.

6. Hiber

As the winner of the Accenture Innovation Award in 2017, Hiber came up with big plans - with their nanosatellite-powered solution they try to have a larger part of the world covered by IoT-ready connectivity. 

7. Casengo

This startup is considered to be the Whatsapp of customer service, and with its cloud SaaS, it focuses on online retailers and small businesses instead of large businesses. The platform enables companies to offer customer service via social networks, e-mail or chat. 

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