5 tips for the perfect investor pitch

Pitching for an investor can be very exciting as an entrepreneur. However, you will have to do this more often in your start-up career, because this is essential in order to market your product or service and to allow it to grow further.

Your pitch stands or falls with good preparation, but how do you do that? That's a good question, and we're happy to help you with that. We asked our own startups for tips that help them pitch. Read the best tips below, so you can confidently approach investors.

Create a dialogue

What makes pitching more difficult than regular conversations is that people don't feel good when they are sold something. That is why it is important that you also give investors the feeling that you are involving them in a conversation. For this reason, people also say that preparing the Q&A is more important than the pitch itself, so there is certainly some truth in that.

Create a dialogue in which you answer questions and doubts that investors have as well as possible. As a startup, you should constantly prepare for questions about your concept, and also have a clear explanation for this.

Type of investor

Don't just read into your own startup, try to find out what type of investor you are talking to. Are they people who like to hear more about numbers or user stories? Do they focus more on the business model or the team?

It would be a shame if you talk a lot about what you find interesting yourself, without paying attention to where the interest of the investors lies. Please note that it is not the intention that you only talk about the area of ​​interest of the person opposite you, after all you are also there for yourself and your own team.

Always be honest

As a founder you prefer to tell only about how well your startup is doing and where it can go. However, your investor may also ask more critical questions about subjects that are less positive. Always stay honest.

The investor in front of you usually finds out pretty quickly when you disguise aspects of your business, so make sure you have an authentic story.

Assertiveness and openness

Balance assertiveness with openness. You don't want to appear questionable in your pitch, but don't pretend you have the wisdom. You can demonstrate this well by actively asking what the other party thinks. After all, you are also with this investor to further develop yourself.

Be open to ideas, that will help you as an entrepreneur, and the investor also feels valued and heard.

Be unconventional

Innovation is central in the startup world. Make sure that you emphasize what makes you unique, but also that you try to show this uniqueness in your presentation. For example, you can use attributes, incorporate a storyline into your presentation, create a picture book from your pitch deck, be creative!

But also remember that creativity should not be at the expense of functionality. It's nice if you approach the presentation in your own way, but don't put time in plays if your financial figures are not clearly in your presentation.

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