How do you become an entrepreneur at Holland Startup in 5 steps

Always wanted to do business, but you don't know how? You are not the one! Holland Startup understands the founders dilemma and offers the solution: a step-by-step program to help you with your business.

Interested? Check out the steps below and apply.

  • 1. Meet Holland Startup

    Meld je aan voor Meet Holland Startup en maak kennis met ons tijdens ons online event.

  • 2. Register

    De belangrijkste stap na 'Meet Holland Startup', is het inschrijven op ons programma, waarbij je op basis van je motivatie, kennis en ervaring wordt uitgenodigd voor een interview en test. Je kunt je here aanmelden voor het aankomende programma

  • 3. Interview and test

    If you are selected you can be invited for an interview at Holland Startup, where you will meet one of our team members. In the interview we discuss your experience; your motivation and motivations for a startup. We also discuss issues that you would like to address with your startup and team composition. At the end of the interview, a test for talents and cognition can be taken.

    Within 5 working days after the test you know whether you have been admitted to the "Selection program"

  • 4. Selection Program

    The final step in our selection process is an online two-day assessment, during which you become acquainted with entrepreneurship, carry out assignments and collaborate intensively with fellow candidates. The Pressure Cooker offers you the ideal opportunity to get to know the Holland Startup program and meet potential co-founders. The next Pressure Cooker is on May 14 and 15, and will take place digitally. 

    Within 5 working days after the selection program you know whether you have been admitted to Holland Startup.

5. Join Holland Startup

Once you have been admitted to Holland Startup, we will review the agreements together.
After signing you are official
entrepreneur in residence at Holland Startup. We determine together in consultation
your start date.



Maximum community feeling. Surrounded by startups who have gone through the same process and have been where you are going.



Together we realize the product and your first revenue. Daily guidance and a structured process with coaching, mentorship and workshops.




Financing from day 1 - not just for your startup, but also for you as part of an entrepreneurial team.
Zo verlagen we de drempel om te gaan ondernemen.