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-Holland Startup is the perfect partner for me. They possess a lot of knowledge, experience and the same motivational drive for building a successfull startup as me. At Holland Startup I am learning and developing myself as a person. I am building a startup and I am developing an innovative product that really contributes something.

Felix Hermsen | Neurolytics

My name is Rohaan Mathew and I come from Namibia. I have lived in the Netherlands for almost five years completing both my Bachelor’s and masters program. I believe entrepreneurship forms a large part of who I am and I believe in using entrepreneurship for the advancement of society, helping people and creating a sustainable life style. Holland start up is an amazing opportunity to follow this dream, with the right values and motivation to engage the world. Rohaan Thomas Mathew | The Discov

-I never thought of becoming an entrepreneur: my path was to be a lawyer. Meeting my co-founder and Holland Startup has radically changed my point of view. They have generated a spark. The possibility of turning an intuition into something concrete, challenging myself and pushing my limits is what motivates me the most.

Federico Spiezia | Bittiq

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