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Vacancy Olga

Become co-founder of a startup that will facilitate the sharing economy

About the Startup

Imagine you lend out your car to a friend. You trust him as a driver and a person. Still, bad things happen. What if an accident occurs? You could use you own insurance to cover the damage, but wouldn't that feel unfair? Only imagine what this would do to your premium.

Your friend on the other hand, has no way to insure himself for your car. It is not his possession. If the damage is too expensive, this could turn out to be a very nasty situation.

Obviously these types of situations occur on a daily basis. Carsharing and lending is rapidly becoming the predominant means of transportation in overcrowded cities. Why can't our insurance system facilitate this in a fair way?

The mission of the startup is to bridge the gap between the sharing economy and the antiquated insurance industry. Creating an on-demand service for users. And niche coverage for insurance companies. Using Blockchain technology as a disruptive business model.

About the cooperation

Olga is a creative entrepreneur with a strong vision. Her strength lies in analytical thinking and creating opportunities. She is looking for a co-founder that is technically skilled (IT/Data) with a practical mindset. Together as co-founders you'll be able to complement each other and develop the idea into a business

The opportunity you get

  • Full ownership from scratch: Shaping and pivoting a high-level idea into an actual proof of concept and ultimately an MVP;
  • Receiving a research grant while building a Startup. Together with an extensive network, access to relevant expertise and in-depth guidance;
  • Incorporating a BV and getting backed by venture capital at Holland Startup.


  • Apply with your motivational letter and CV
  • A valid long term (4+years) VISA​ for The Netherlands or European passport.
  • Live in The Netherlands​, preferably close to Utrecht or Amsterdam, or be in the position to move on short notice.
  • You’ll need to attend 4 in person interviews in Utrecht @ HS offices.​

For more information read our EIR one pager. Apply through the form below or preferably by sending your motivation letter and CV to apply@hollandstartup.com.

We look forward to seeing your work in action!


More Information

  • Languages required ​ English, Dutch
  • Open to remote working? ​Maybe


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