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An ambitious mission drives the team behind Decodeon: To decode any medical condition known to mankind. Decodeon leverages big data via self-reported patient registries for rare diseases. This data is used to benchmark and predict prognosis of rare diseases, as well as provides grounds for research in the pharmaceutical industry. The company operates based out of the Netherlands and has a proven concept in 6 languages. 

Founded in 2015 by Heiko Packeiser & Jana Rautenberg 

+1,100 Registered patients and counting


Struggling with savings is a common problem. It's hard to keep a good overview of monthly expenses, because sometimes we are all a bit too impulsive, and structuring savings is time consuming. SpotInvest helps its customers to save automatically. Whether it's to create a financial buffer, or for just to save for expenses you would otherwise not be able to afford.

SpotInvest makes saving easy, rewarding and fun!

Founded by Hidde Koning and Federico Spiezia in 2016

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