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Products with long lasting tradition don't only provide luxury resulting from all the man-hours dedicated to them. They also provide an intellectual connection to history and culture. Eterne is the modern online shopping destination for heritage products. Eterne provides an expertly curated selection of heritage products from all over the world and sells this under its own luxury brand. You will finally be able to buy true heritage products from every part of the world through Eterne.

Founded by Nagim Zamarialai and Jonathan Pothuis in 2017.


An ambitious mission drives the team behind Decodeon: To decode any medical condition known to mankind. Decodeon leverages big data via self-reported patient registries for rare diseases. This data is used to benchmark and predict prognosis of rare diseases, as well as provides grounds for research in the pharmaceutical industry. The company operates based out of the Netherlands and has a proven concept in 6 languages. 

Founded in 2015 by Heiko Packeiser & Jana Rautenberg 

+1,100 Registered patients and counting



Struggling with savings is a common problem. It's hard to keep a good overview of monthly expenses, because sometimes we are all a bit too impulsive, and structuring savings is time consuming. Bittiq helps its customers to save automatically. Whether it's to create a financial buffer, or for just to save for expenses you would otherwise not be able to afford.

bittiq makes saving easy, rewarding and fun!


Founded by Hidde Koning and Federico Spiezia in 2016

Coming Soon

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Our Cofounders are pivotal to the success of Holland Startup. All of them contribute to the Dutch startup ecosystem by acting as mentors to the next generation of young entrepreneurs.

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Olga van Dijk

Entrepreneur in Residence


"Being invited to reach your full potential, everyday. Holland start up is a place where you are completely free and fully responsible. Here I can do what makes me most happy: to create."

Olga obtained her LLM in International & European Tax Law at the University of Amsterdam. She completed a BSc in Public administration & Organizational Sciences with a minor abroad at the Witwatersrand University of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Previous employment: Pop-up event production.

Ineke van Loven

Entrepreneur in Residence


"As you imagine so you become. I believe in the power of imagination, dreaming big and positivity. Holland Startup provides a high energy environment and infrastructure to create disruptive business models that can make a great change in this world! Being surrounded by like-minded and experienced individuals is one of the best things one can do to grow and learn.”

Ineke holds an MSc in Business Administration from the University of Antwerp with a focus on the creation of true value in business models. She completed a semester at IQS Barcelona and obtained a BSc in Social and Economical Science.

Previous Employment: creating stock footage for Shutterstock in South Africa. 

Jonathan Pothuis Lasso

Entrepreneur in Residence


"Discovery is the realization of a creative mind. Yet the only way to be creative is to submit oneself to a creative environment. Holland Startup for me is a place where one can find a challenge. I find that the people at Holland Startup have an incredible energy and work ethic that will give fruit to many great ideas."

Jonathan holds an MSc in Finance from the University of Groningen. His BSc in Economics & Business Economics was obtained at the same university.

Previous Employment: Project developer at a start-up of an avocado oil processing facility in Ethiopia. 

Carl van Heijst

Entrepreneur in Residence


"In my view, Holland Startup's strongest asset is the fulltime support of three serial entrepreneurs. Sharing their knowledge, experience and above all gut feeling resulting from the former two makes their input invaluable."

Carl holds an MSc in Supply Chain Management from the Erasmus University Rotterdam. His BSc in International Business Administration was obtained at the same university, with a visiting semester at Peking University, China.

Previous Employers: Academics For Development, Nederlandse Spoorwegen, W/E Adviseurs, HousingAnywhere.com and the RSM EUR. 

Federico Spiezia

Entrepreneur in Residence SpotInvest


“I never thought of becoming an entrepreneur: my path was to be a lawyer. Meeting my co-founder and Holland Startup has radically changed my point of view. They have generated a spark. The possibility of translating an intuition into something concrete, challenging myself and pushing my limits is what motivates me the most.”

Federico graduated in Law with a focus on Tax Law. He obtained his first degree in Rome at the University ‘La Sapienza’ and then his second LLM in European Law at the University of Utrecht.

Previous employers: Studio legale Avv. Siciliano, Off The Fence, Dashmote. 

Heiko Packeiser

Co-Founder Decodeon


"Dramatically increasing the speed of development for new medicine, while directly helping patients is the way Sarcoidose.me is going. With the support and guidance of Holland Startup we are now well on track to disrupt a well established market."

Heiko holds an MSc in Science and Business Management from Utrecht University. He was a visiting scholar in Helsinki and Singapore during the time he obtained his BSc in Biology from Bonn University in Germany.

Previous Employers: Royal DSM, A*Star ICES Data Storage Institute

Hidde Koning

Entrepreneur in Residence SpotInvest


"I like disruptive business models that create actual value for consumers or businesses. Holland Startup shares this vision and provides the ideal environment to build a startup based on this concept."

Hidde holds an MSc in Science and Business Management from Utrecht University. He completed a semester at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and obtained a BSc in Physics and Mathematics.

Previous Employers: Nuon, TNO, ABN AMRO MeesPierson

Jana Rautenberg

Co-Founder Decodeon


"Building a startup that will disrupt the medical industry is an exciting challenge. Being able to actually make an impact motivates and excites me every day. Holland Startup believes in this passion of young entrepreneurs and provides an inspiring program catered to make this startup a success."

Jana holds an MSc in International and Business Economics with a focus on International Management from Utrecht University. She also holds a BSc in Economics from Utrecht University and completed a visiting semester at LUISS Business School in Italy.

Previous Employers: Holland Startup, Eurail Group GIE, Utrecht University, What the Fiets?

Tiemen Roest

Entrepreneur in Residence


"Holland Startup is a perfect environment to learn how to build a startup the right way and develop yourself as entrepreneur. They bridge the gap most entrepreneurial University students do experience: the gap between the point of being graduated and the start of pursuing your ideas and values in life. For me those ideas and values are centred on IT and Sustainability. Besides internal community motivation, Holland Startup provides the tools and support to pursue those ideas and values."

Tiemen holds an MSc in Business Informatics from Utrecht University. His Bachelors in Information Science was also obtained from Utrecht University.

Previous Employers: To-Increase, Easy Way B.V., Self Employed Solar Engineer 


Building a startup ecosystem across the Netherlands begins with Holland Startup. We fully manage our assets, process and the startups we build in order to minimize risk. Investors may invest in a fully diversified portfolio of prototypes or in individual market validated startups


invest in a Validated Startup

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1 Startup

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invest in a portfolio of prototypes

Fully Diversified

5 Prototypes

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