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Vacancy Tiemen

About the startup

Multinationals do an amazing job at developing talent, but SMEs are lacking behind here. Therefore the startup will make that necessity of learning & development of employees available to SMEs, supported by the right technology.
The mission is to empower employees by enabling them to use their talents where they are needed most. The startup will turn learning & development from a costly and stressful issue into a clear, cost-effective and fun personal journey. Win-win for both the employee as well as the organisation he or she works at!
You will partner up with Tiemen. He is born and raised in Holland, and has a MSc in Business Informatics from Utrecht University. Therefore he has a lot of knowledge about using the right technology in a business environment. After graduating, he worked 6 months on his first startup. It turned out the time wasn’t right to continue this project, which provided tons of learnings. Therefore, it makes him even more eager to start on this new startup. ‘Success’ for Tiemen means being able to improve our world around us through an awesome business.

About Holland Startup

The startup is part of Holland Startup, a venture builder that develops innovative digital companies together with young entrepreneurs. They are a Utrecht-based company who provides unique services that enable ambitious individuals to build new companies.

We believe that companies are not built alone. Having two complementary minds increases effectiveness as well as creativity and drives innovation in the early stages of startups. In line with this philosophy we are looking for you as a team member to join the startup.

What you’ll need:

  • Entrepreneurial blood: You have a rare mix of strategic thinking and and outgoing get sh*t done attitude.
  • Hustle: You thrive in an ambiguous environment – you demonstrate problem-solving leadership and operate with limited oversight anticipating needs and potential roadblocks and addressing them.
  • Exceptional Communication Skills: You are a clear and concise communicator with the ability to synthesize a lot of information quickly, highlight the key take aways, and disseminate actionable insights across a variety of audiences and skill-sets.
  • Integrity: You’re a candid, straight shooter who calls it like you see it (with data to back it up). You act with professionalism and exemplify honesty and integrity.
  • Team play: You’re ambitious and celebrate your success, but are committed to the success of your teammates even more.
  • Effectiveness: You have a pragmatic sense of the right questions to ask and how to get things done without ‘boiling the ocean’.

What you’ll do

As a co-founder of Tiemen you will develop a new startup from scratch. You’ll identify problems, scope the market opportunities and drive implementation of the concepts for the development of the startup. You will do so by working together as an Entrepreneur in Residence with your co-founder and the founding team of Holland Startup using the Lean Methodology to research the business model and market. You will be given full responsibility for the success of the start-up. Needless to say, Holland Startup is not offering a position as an employee but a position as a full co-founder where you will receive a small wage together with a large percentage of equity share of the start-up.


  • A great office in the centre of Utrecht, The Netherlands. Including a WWII bunker with a fussball table.
  • Workshops on Wednesdays given by experienced entrepreneurs.
  • Co-founder stimulating environment where everyone helps each other.
  • A fridge filled with beer.


  • A valid long term (4+years) VISA for The Netherlands or European passport.
  • Live in The Netherlands, preferably close to Utrecht, or be in the position to move on short notice.
  • The ability to attend 4 in person interviews.

For more information read our EIR one pager. Apply through the form below or preferably by sending your motivation letter and CV to apply@hollandstartup.com.

We look forward to seeing your work in action!


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