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Co-Founder wanted!

This Learning & Development startup will disrupt old-fashioned HR.

Co-Founder Learning & Development startup

Who are you?

First, and thus most important, you are passionate about people and their learning & development. Second, you have exceptional communication skills. This means you know how to communicate in a team, in a direct and open way. Besides this communication internally, you have skills in public communication as well; being able to provide information and insights to an audience clearly and concisely. And finally, you are dedicated to the goal, by having a get sh*t done attitude.

Shortly, you are the one with:

  • A passion for Learning & Development
  • Exceptional communication skills (team & public)
  • A get sh*t done attitude

What problem will we solve?

Employees of small and medium enterprises do not get the opportunity to grow personally. While it’s in the human DNA to learn and grow!

Those SMEs do not have the resources to facilitate learning & development for their employees (like multinationals do). Moreover, digitalization is lagging far behind in HR. It causes HR managers huge pain to be withheld due to limited resources and tools. They are not able to provide the crucial learning & development to their employees.

Let’s build a solution to help them. Help them transform the old-fashioned HR into an innovative learning & development practice. They are waiting for it!

You’re not alone

You will partner with Tiemen to tackle this problem. He has a master in Business Informatics from Utrecht University. He has a lot of knowledge about using the right technology in a business environment. He is an analytical and social; a guy who knows his stuff and likes to be around people. His interest in people and lifelong learning drives him to solve the learning & development problem.

What you’ll do

As a co-founder, you will build an awesome startup from scratch (full-time), with support of Holland Startup. The idea is in a very early phase, which gives you and Tiemen full freedom to shape the idea into what you both think is needed to succeed.

Holland Startup is a Utrecht-based venture builder founded by successful entrepreneurs. They will provide you all the support to build an awesome company. They will also pay you a monthly research grant for you to provide yourself a living while being a full-time co-founder

Apply now for an entrepreneurial journey, supported by experience & money!

The boring stuff (i.e. practicalities)

  • VISA: A valid long term (4+years) VISA for The Netherlands or European passport.
  • Location: Live in The Netherlands, preferably close to Utrecht, or be in the position to move on short notice.
  • Interviews: The ability to attend 4 in person interviews.

You wanna build this?

Apply through sending your motivation letter and CV to apply@hollandstartup.com.

For more information, have a look at www.hollandstartup.com.

We look forward hearing from you!