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About the startup

While the world is rapidly evolving into an on-demand economy, the Insurance industry is lacking behind. It is an antiquated, slow working system with a lot of rules and processes. No surprise most people find it boring. Insurance is not sexy.
However, recently InsureTech was called the new big FinTech. Insiders say the Insurance business is up next to be hacked. VC’s are prioritizing it as an investment in their portfolio. It’s only a matter of time before new technology will disrupt the business.

Blockchain technology is one of the new innovative disruptors out there. It is quickly becoming one of the hottest topics across a number of industries. Specific to insurance, Blockchain technology has the power to simplify the claims process, alleviate high premiums and help insurers create niche coverage. The mission of the Startup is to make insurance a service. Creating a more simple, fair, flexible and transparent system for users.


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We are looking for an Entrepreneur in Residence team member for Tiemen!

Who are you?

First, and thus most important, you are passionate about people and their learning & development. Second, you have exceptional communication skills. This means you know how to communicate in a team, in a direct and open way. Besides this communication internally, you have skills in public communication as well; being able to provide information and insights to an audience clearly and concisely. And finally, you are dedicated to the goal, by having a get sh*t done attitude.

Shortly, you are the one with:

  • A passion for Learning & Development
  • Exceptional communication skills (team & public)
  • A get sh*t done attitude

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